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December 14, 2017
Allegations of Fraud Reporting

The BOCES Board expects officers and employees of the BOCES to fulfill the public’s trust and to conduct themselves in an honorable manner, abiding by all BOCES policies and regulations and by all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

However, when BOCES officers or employees know or have reasonable cause to believe that serious instances of wrongful conduct have occurred, they should report such wrongful conduct to the District Superintendent or the Board. For purposes of this policy, the term “wrongful conduct” shall be defined to include:

  • theft of BOCES money, property, or resources;
  • misuse of authority for personal gain or other non-district purpose;
  • fraud;
  • violations of applicable federal and state laws and regulations; and/or
  • serious violations of BOCES policy, regulation, and/or procedure.


Process for reporting allegations:

  • Refer to Board Policy #9645 Disclosure of Wrongful Conduct.
  • This policy and procedure for reporting allegations will be shared with all staff via the BOCES Insider on an annual basis.
  • This procedure will also be accessible on the Capital Region BOCES website under “Reporting Fraud: Employees” in the “Board of Education” section.
  • This procedure describes the process for reporting and investigating allegations of fraud related to financial improprieties or wrongful conduct occurring within Capital Region BOCES.
  • In the event an employee suspects financial improprieties or wrongful conduct, that employee may report anonymously to the School Attorney by submitting a claim in writing to:
    • Michele Jones, School Attorney
      900 Watervliet-Shaker Rd.
      Albany, NY 12205
  • For privacy, the employee reporting an allegation should refrain from using the Capital Region BOCES email system or interoffice mail.
  • The School Attorney reports all allegations received within two weeks of receipt of a claim to the District Superintendent (or his designee) unless the allegation involves the District Superintendent. In the later case, the Internal Auditor will report such an allegation directly to the Board of Education.
  • Upon receiving report of the allegation from the School Attorney, the District Superintendent (or his designee) will notify the Board and an investigation will be conducted. The Board will proceed with an investigation if the allegations involve the District Superintendent.
  • At the conclusion of the investigation, the Board will be notified of the outcome. BOCES Board members represent and are accountable to component school boards.

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