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Latest News from the Career and Technical Center

Student pursues a 'shocking' career path that offers great reward 


Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake junior has his eyes set in a career working the lines

Storti works on a labDespite widespread attention being drawn to the need for skilled trades workers like electricians, it still is shocking to find a student attending a traditional school who says he or she wants to become electrician.

But that was not the case for Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) junior Louis Storti, who knew as soon as he toured the CTE campus last school year that he got a charge out of the electrical industry.

"I had taken a few electrical courses before and I came here my sophomore year to tour the place and I just fell in love with the program," he said during a recent break from running circuits in class.
"I love it. I can honestly say I love everything about the program. The classroom is great. The teachers are great. The environment is great. I love the work,� Storti added.

He is one of 41 students in the two-year program at CTE that often boasts a waiting list of area high schoolers who would like to attend.

torti and his classmates are learning the skills necessary for careers as residential electricians, industrial electricians, locomotive electricians, utility company repairers, electrical inspectors, linemen and other related careers.

The career potential is great for those who complete their training. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a double-digit increase in demand for electricians through 2024 and the median U.S. salary for an electrician was $51,880 last year.

Storti said that when he completes the CTE program in 2018, he plans to seek out further specialized training before joining the workforce
as a lineman.

"After I graduate, I plan to go to Hudson Valley Community College to continue my education and then go on to lineman school. …. BOCES, though, has given me a head start on my future and taught me the skills I need to succeed in the future,� he said.

In the top photo, Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School (CTE) student electrical trades student Louis Storti tests his successful creation of an electrical circuit in class at the Albany CTE campus.
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