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January 21, 2017
School Library System (SLS)

School Librarians are an essential part of every school. They are partners in education, have a vast knowledge of resources for students, teachers and parents, and cultivate a lifelong love of reading and learning in our children. They are knowledgeable in the Common Core Curriculum and collaborate with teachers to engage students in their own learning. School Librarians are responsible for teaching information literacy skills (how to locate, access, and use quality information responsibly), maintaining a current collection of resource materials in print and digital formats, keeping up with technology trends and numerous other teaching and administrative responsibilities.

The Capital Region BOCES School Library System (SLS) is the 5th largest BOCES School Library System in the state, supporting 24 school districts and 19 private schools. We provide professional development, resource sharing, and print and digital products in support of our school librarians and their teachers in bringing the best educational experiences they can to all students in the Capital Region.

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