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November 22, 2017

CoSer: A.329-6117, 558-6613, 507-6211

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Connie Miller


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CAPIT: Positive School Culture Services


The BOCES CAPIT program provides a continuum of prevention and early intervention professional development and programs for schools; we serve students, school staff and parents. Programs available include:

  • Olweus Bullying Prevention
  • Substance abuse prevention program
  • Teen Intervene - early intervention for substance abuse at the middle and high school level
  • PBIS - Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports
  • Suicide prevention and crisis intervention student and staff development services
  • Behavioral analysis and interventions for students, consultation and training for staff

Creating a positive and structured school climate, addressing the mental, emotional and behavioral needs of students is critical to academic success. CAPIT can assist your teachers, administrators, students, parents and community address these important and complex needs.

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