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November 22, 2017








Jen Cannell


2017-18 PRICING
Odyssey of the Mind: $308 per team
MasterMinds: $736 per team; $321 per JV team
Other services: Please call


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Arts & Enrichment Services
CoSer 402-5840

Enrichment activities support all curricular areas and can take place in schools, museums, environmental education centers, historical sites or similar venues. Program staff manages consultant payment and BOCES aid requirements for activities aligned with New York state standards.

CoSer 411-5842

Integrating arts and enrichment activities into the school curriculum is a proven approach for engaging and motivating students. Arts integration with other core subject areas results in problem-based learning and embedded 21st Century Skills such as multi-cultural literacy, creativity, innovation and problem solving. The Arts & Enrichment Service maintains an online resources directory of artist-educators, and enrichment presenters, and manages artist-educator payment and BOCES aid requirements for schools scheduling workshops, performances and residencies aligned with state learning standards.

CoSer 413-5847

Bringing visiting experts to your school can increase student interest, broaden classroom expertise and enhance learning. Visits by academic and professional experts, as well as Junior Achievement, can be coordinated through this service.

CoSer 502-6111

Extracurricular areas include Odyssey of the Mind and MasterMinds. The Odyssey of the Mind program teaches students how to think divergently by providing open-ended problems in a team setting. Embedded in the process are the skills necessary for student readiness for careers and college such as creativity, innovation and problem solving, critical thinking, global awareness, interpersonal and collaborative skills, self-direction and adaptability. The Region 7 Odyssey of the Mind service instructs school coaches about the Odyssey of the Mind program, trains volunteers to judge the competition and produces the annual regional tournament. Membership in the state and national organizations is required for participation in this service. Regional first-place champions are eligible for the state competition; state champions are eligible for the world competition.

MasterMinds is a fast-paced, question-and-answer academic competition for high school students. It is the Middle and High School versions of the former GE College Bowl. School membership in regional leagues is coordinated through this service.

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