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November 22, 2017

CoSer: 507-6211

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Connie Miller


2017-18 PRICING:
Based on services requested






Data Driven Instruction

School Instructional Service provides assistance to component school districts in Data Analysis linked to instructional practices. This includes the collection and analysis of school data, and assistance with analyzing, and interpreting New York State assessment data as well as common local formative and interim assessments.

Custom service work consists of district or school-specific projects and includes state assessment error analyses, predictive studies, survey construction and analysis, and program evaluation. Alignment of formative and interim assessments to the new Common Core Learning Standards and how they impact instruction can be addressed through this service.

A structured approach to data analysis supports districts in their planning, adoption or confirmation of research-based instructional models, as well as develops a sustainable data-driven culture. If selected by a district, the training and professional development of the NWEA MAP Assessments are supported through this CoSer. Grant evaluations and focus group facilitation are also available. Professional development opportunities support identified needs in school improvement and growth.

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