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December 14, 2017

CoSer: 611-7511

Service Codes:


Jessica Scheckton
(518) 464-3960


2017-18 PRICING
$27,088 per year


2016-17 PRICING
$28,349 per year




PR Powerpack (Standalone)

The PR Powerpack that comes bundled with all Tier 1-4 Enhanced Core Communications service contracts may also be purchased as a standalone service by non-client districts seeking to enrich or enhance their existing communication effort and effectiveness. The Powerpack is intended to:

  • Enhance regional communication efforts and effectiveness; and
  • Deliver a broader spectrum of customized services that complement and add value to on-site custom service delivery.

The PR Powerpack includes the School Communications Portfolio PLUS 150 Enhanced Specialty Hours, which can be customized to fit each districts annual needs and priorities. Districts are able to draw upon a wide range of communication support services, including:

  • Graphic Design - for e-newsletters, print publications, social media, logos, presentation materials, branding campaigns etc.
  • Exit surveys - custom design, tabulation and analysis
  • Social media strategy - including policy advisement, set-up assistance, support for managing multiple channels efficiently, technical troubleshooting and training for administrators/staff
  • Website (re)design and development services - including expert guidance on best practices related to website planning, design, navigation, content organization, usability, accessibility and management
  • Web content - support for routine content development and/or additional help when moving content into a newly designed website. May also include start-up assistance and guidance for faculty and staff web authors
  • Video production - filming, editing and production service
  • Public engagement - master coaching to help craft, plan and execute thoughtful public input meetings, including assistance with the development of discussion materials, recruiting for a diverse representation of stakeholders, optimizing meeting interactions and recommendations for follow-up communication with meeting participants and the wider community
  • Consent building - executive advisement for important but controversial initiatives such as difficult budgets, merger discussions, school closings and various education initiatives involving mission-critical change
  • Crisis communications support - executive advisement and hands-on support from senior staff
  • Leadership team retreat facilitation and communication workshops - help with goal setting, communications training and facilitated discussions for school boards and administrative teams
  • Editorial writing - ghost writing and media distribution on critical issues impacting public schools
  • Media relations - planning and coordination, including press conferences and special events
  • Communication audits and focus groups
  • Photography







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