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December 14, 2017

CoSer: 611-7511

Service Code:


Jessica Scheckton
(518) 464-3960


2017-18 PRICING
Web hosting basic- $981

Web hosting level 1- $2,350

Web hosting level 2- $3,200

Web hosting per quote - Actual cost per year


2016-17 PRICING
$968 per year





Website Hosting and Technical Support

This service is only available to districts whose website was developed by the Capital Region BOCES Communications Service.

The Communications Service can host your website, in partnership with NERIC, and provide technical support and troubleshooting, including nightly back-ups, server monitoring and performance, and user accounts and permissions.

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year for websites built in the WordPress platform (all sites developed by the Communications Service since January 2014), this service will also include regular auditing and monitoring of your hosted website for accessibility issues, typographical errors and broken links. Accessibility issues pertaining to the website templates and technical features provided by the Communications Service will be remedied to the best of our technical ability at no additional cost to districts. In addition, the Communications Service will provide information about accessibility issues pertaining to content and documents on the website, as well as typos and broken links, to the BOCES public information specialist assigned to the district (where applicable) or an identified district staff member to remedy as directed by district leadership.

Pricing will be based on the actual, ongoing page count of the website, within three available levels:

  • Level 1: Up to 500 pages
  • Level 2: 501-2,500 pages
  • Per quote: More than 2,500 pages

The Communications Service will provide you with your site's page count and anticipated fee level in February.

Because the fee structure is based on a website's actual page count, a fee increase may occur mid-year if the page count exceeds the page limit of its current fee level.

For districts whose websites are older and not built in the WordPress platform, the Communications Service will continue to offer Web Hosting and Technical Support (Basic Level) without the auditing/monitoring.

For information on obtaining the accessibility auditing/monitoring services, please contact the Communications Service at 464-3960. 


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