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January 19, 2018

Dr. Mark Jones

Deputy District Superintendent and Chief Operating Officer
(518) 862-4920

Gregg Diefenbach

Deputy Director of Administrative and Management Services
(518) 464-3902

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Management Services

lynn macanManagement Services provides programs to keep schools safe, business offices working efficiently and schools communicating with their many audiences. Many services below are designed specifically to save schools on back-office costs, as districts are met with increasing budget challenges. Scroll below to see the services we offer, and please contact Mark Jones if your district requires a service not listed here.

Management support services are delivered
by the following programs:

The Management Services Division has developed a number of partnerships that allow schools to share contracted services in a cost-effective manner. Partnership organizations and services available are listed below:


Business Office Support


Grants and Development

Health/Safety/Environmental Regulatory Compliance Services

Records and Information Management

Substitute Coordination


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