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December 14, 2017

CoSer: 611-7511

Service Codes:


Jessica Scheckton
(518) 464-3960


2017-18 PRICING
$15,470 per year


2016-17 PRICING
$15,265 per year




School Communications Portfolio (Standalone)

The School Communications Portfolio that comes bundled with the Core Communication Service may also be purchased as a standalone service by non-client districts seeking to enrich or enhance their existing communications effort and effectiveness.

The School Communications Portfolio includes:

  • Parent Today. Parenting is hard work - and many parents simply dont know where they fit in the education process for their children. Parent Today can help. Through monthly e-newsletters backed by an information-rich blog site, Parent Today helps school districts bridge the gap between families and the classroom while fostering stronger connections and improved parent involvement. This nationally award-winning resource is intended to help build improved student outcomes and relationships with parents and guardians — a key stakeholder group in every district. Stories focus on four "chapters" of a childs life: early learners, elementary school, the middle years and high school. Each e-newsletter features blog-style posts, addressing relevant topics about what is happening in the classroom and students lives. Participating school districts may post excerpts or full stories from Parent Today on their websites and social media channels, or include in their school newsletters and other publications to ensure maximum exposure and impact.
  • Communication solutions for "hot button" issues with regional or statewide appeal. Change is the one constant in public education these days. More than ever before, public schools are under the public microscope and feeling the heat. Receive timely communication materials to help your district communicate with transparency and clarity on complex and often controversial issues like the tax levy cap, the Dignity for All Students Act, advocacy around annual school funding and public policy initiatives, APPR, Common Core and a whole flotilla of school reform and funding initiatives that have yet to fully play out in New Yorks public schools.
  • Streamlined solutions for routine communication office tasks. Rather than duplicate valuable communication resources in every district, the School Communications Portfolio will offer streamlined solutions for more routine communication tasks allowing your communications staff more time to spend on bigger priorities and strategic initiatives in your district. A small editorial team produces materials and resources that can be used on district websites, social media channels and print publications. Written once and shared widely to client districts, this vetted content with near-universal appeal features a variety of resources from recommended copy for annual back-to-school notifications to explaining complex school finance topics. Efficient…effective…done!


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