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CoSer: 221-4235

Service Codes: 211.200



Peter Taormina, Deputy Director
(518) 464-6300


2017-18 PRICING:


2016-17 PRICING:




Performance Expectancy Preparation (PEPII)

PEP II is designed to meet the academic and social needs of high school students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders or similar social and learning characteristics. The PEP II program offers resource room support along with curriculum adaptations and modifications in the mainstream setting. The social work component of this program provides opportunities for students to develop and process social skills in a supportive environment through peer networking. Students participate in all New York state regular grade-level assessments. High school students in this program are eligible for the New York State Regents diploma or the Local High School diploma, through the safety net for students with disabilities. The student/teacher/aide ratio is 8:1:2. (HS)

Program Snapshot
  • Student/teacher/aide ratio: 8:1:2
  • Assessments: New York state regular grade-level assessments
  • Commencement goal: New York State Regents or Local High School diploma
  • Ages served: HS
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