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Annual Procedure for Implementing New BOCES Services

All programs and services are developed on the basis of the procedures described below:


1. Each year, the superintendents of the component districts are invited to suggest new services that would be of value in the operation of their programs for the next school year.


2. A description of any suggested new services, along with those suggested by the BOCES staff, is developed and then shared with superintendents for their review and input.


3. When there is sufficient interest in a new service, a cooperative service application is sent to the State Education Department.


4. In January, each superintendent is sent Service Guide describing all services, existing and new, which are under consideration for the next school year. By May 1, the superintendent must return the Commitment Form indicating those services in which his or her district wishes to purchase.


5. Based upon component needs, BOCES personnel then develop Cooperative Service Applications (Co-Sers). These applications must be filed with the State Education Department by February 1. Only those that are approved are translated into operating programs.


6. After approval for a specific service is received from the State Education Department, the BOCES staff makes provision for that service in the next school year.


7. By July 1, preliminary contracts for all services must be approved by the BOCES Board and the component boards.

It is important to note that, in general, a BOCES may operate only those services or programs that are requested by two or more component districts and are approved by the State Education Department.


Do you have an idea or need for a new service? Please contact the applicable administrator

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